Just $75 for your HSC year

First released in 2014 with special introductory pricing of just $75 per student.

Compared to the cost of external tutors or study courses, this represents outstanding value and delivers tools and approaches not available to tutors and other courses.

A must have for teachers

You have always known that technology, the internet, and design could be used to make the teaching and learning of economics easier to teach, easier to learn, and just plain more fun. Until now the promise has been larger than the reality - a pdf version of a book just doesn't cut it.

Now for the first time in your hands is innovative, engaging use of technology, teaching experience and design that you can bring to focus in the classroom with your students.

This is the teaching resource you have always dreamed of having access to.

Syllabus, simulators, stats plus

HSC eco is crammed full of simulators for every graph, every calculation concept, and every related concept framework from the entire year 11 and HSC course. These bring to life the concepts, and also have a practice mode where students can practice calculations and confirm their answers.

Just a couple of the dashboard simulators are worth the subscription fee of $75 - but members get all of the them, plus custom videos, custom graphs, a statistics dashboard and links and integration with the best resources throughout the web and an interactive syllabus. Take the tour, find out more, and sign up to get started.

The best $75 you can spend for your ATAR

A bold claim, but compared to the cost of tutoring, other websites, conferences, or other approaches, a subscription at the special introductory price is indeed the best $75 you can spend for your ATAR. Not only will you master concepts, you will do it fast, and deeply integrated with real life examples and statistics that can inform and anchor high performing short answer and essay responses.

If you are genuinely interested in improving your performance as a student, your performance as a teacher and the performance of your students then get started.

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