Balance of Payments Simulator

The Balance of Payments is a two list record of all of the transations between Australia and overseas for a period. Enter values for the elements and note the calculation. In a floating exchange rate, it MUST total to zero.

Current Account

Capital and Financial Account


Capital Account

Exports goods & services (credits)

Capital transfers (Tied aid)

Imports goods & services (debits)

Non produced assets

BOGS (Balance on goods & services)

Total Capital Account

Financial Account

Primary Income

Direct investment >10%

Credits (int, dividends in)

In Australia (credits)

Debits (int, dividends out)

Abroad (debits)

Net primary income

Net Direct Investment

Secondary Income

Portfolio Investment

Credits (untied aid in)

In Australia (credits)

Debits (untied aid out)

Abroad (debits)

Net secondary income

Net Portfolio Investment


Other investment

Reserve assets

Total Financial Account

Balance on current account Balance on KAFA