The fine print

This agreement is between me (Matthew Parsons) and you.

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The agreement starts when you signup, and ends following the next occurring Higher School Certificate Economics exam.


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Payments and termination for access sharing

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Intellectual property rights

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Warranty and limitation of liability

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No warranty is provided as to the impact on your examination results of your access to the material.

Where any claim arises under this agreement (directly, or consequentially), our liability to you in total is limited to the access fees paid.


This agreement may only be varied by email by us to you with 45 days’ notice.

No agreement rights may be waived.

This agreement is our entire agreement.

Provisions that are enforceable survive a finding of a court that some provisions are unenforceable.

Notice of disputes must be given to each other by email, and a 90 days’ period of good faith negotiation must occur. Neither of us may commence legal proceedings unless the dispute is not resolved after the 90 days’ period.

The law and exclusive jurisdiction of this agreement is New South Wales.